Friday, 22 December 2017

Challenges Facing Facilities Managers and Solutions

Success as a Team

When facility managers face problems, people will often expect them to solve them independently. People who can seemingly solve any problem on their own are often celebrated.

However, it should be noted that these people have a lot of resources and time available to them. This is rarely the case for facility managers. They will accomplish so much more if they get assistance from Lindsay Wilson Concepts in Australia. 

People who seem to have succeeded independently usually were not truly working on their own. They often had help from other departments, even if it was indirect help.

They were also frequently in charge with a fairly specific set of tasks, and they were not limited by factors that are difficult to control, such as space design. None of this is the case for facility managers. If anyone needs the benefits of working with a team, it's them. 

Better Results

Lindsay Wilson Concepts will help facility managers with space planning in the first place, which already helps cover some of the toughest parts of the job. Finding fresh furnishings and furniture is often just as hard for facility managers, who have to cope with so many other tasks on the job.

When Lindsay Wilson Concepts uses their sources to get that out of the way for facility managers, the facility managers can devote more energy and effort to the rest of their work. Given the huge role that facility managers will play in their organisations, several departments might run more smoothly as a result. 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Understanding all the Complex Challenges Facing Facilities Managers

Multiple Tasks

Facility management is a difficult job as it is, given how many responsibilities it involves. Facility manager work will typically involve many different departments at once. Working with organizations like Lindsay Wilson Concepts can make all the difference for busy facility managers.

Facility managers will have to accomplish a lot very quickly as a matter of course. Working within a narrow time frame is bad enough for anyone in any field. However, some people are able to compensate for that if they have extensive resources. This is rarely the case for facility managers.

Even the space design that they have to work with will often hold them back. It's difficult for facility managers to accomplish every important task at the best of times. Facility managers who work with professionals from Lindsay Wilson Concepts in Australia will notice almost everything change for the better. 

Achieving More Goals

When they're working with professionals who specialize in interior spaces, facility managers will be able to devote more time to their other responsibilities. As such, the facility managers will be able to accomplish more when they're actually at work.

Professionals from Lindsay Wilson Concepts will be able to help them locate fittings, effects, and modern furniture more easily and efficiently. They have the connections to make it happen. Some facility managers will also struggle when it comes to space design in the first place, particularly if they're trying to handle everything alone.

Getting some help when it comes to interior space design can help them produce better results. Most people in the modern business world work as part of a team, and they will always achieve more if they approach the situation that way. This will be the case with the facility managers who work with professionals from Lindsay Wilson Concepts in Australia.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to Arrange Furniture To Decorate Your Wedding Reception

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. This is your special day and you want to create memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. A lot of time goes on planning the wedding, finding the perfect venue, selecting the right outfit and the right flowers. It is advised to opt for stylish furniture hire in Brisbane for your wedding to give a stylish and contemporary feel to the day. Furniture is one of the most important things that can really complete the atmosphere of your wedding party, but in most cases, it is something that is often overlooked.

Here are some tips for transforming your wedding into a truly magical event:

The very first thing you need to do if you are having a winter wedding is hire an appropriate venue for the wedding but often the furniture offered along with the venue are out-dated and ordinary. Using a specialist wedding furniture hire company frees you from the constraints of what the venue can offer, allowing you to inject your own taste into the furnishings and set your wedding apart from the rest.
For a summer wedding, you may be planning a marquee party. There are some stunning contemporary ranges to choose from for formal dining to enjoy your wedding breakfast and speeches. Create separate areas for guests to relax and mingle after the meal and create the perfect ambiance with some beautiful accessories. Use romantic lighting with chandeliers and lanterns and protect your guests from any chill in the evening air with patio heaters.

You can also think of having a garden party wedding if the weather permits. Opt for stylish furniture hire in Brisbane and furnish your event with contemporary furniture for the patio, lawn or both. Deckchairs are a great idea for informal areas, not forgetting to add umbrellas to provide some shade from the sun which will hopefully be shining on proceedings.

Add a chill zone where your guests can take a breather and maybe get to know one another better in a more informal setting. Choose from a range of armchairs, daybeds, ottomans or uber-chic furniture to complement your surroundings. A stylish bar area will make your wedding truly unforgettable. Your wedding guests will love hanging out on bar stools around the bar which they chat and drink. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Is It Time To Replace Your Restaurant Interior? Here's How You Can Tell

If you own a restaurant, the day is bound to come when you feel your space is not quite as inviting as it was when you first designed it. We know there are four ways you can take a look around and see if it's time to power up your interiors.

1. Suddenly your furniture is tougher to clean. When you first bought your lattice-back wooden chairs with "pleather" upholstered seat cushions, they looked pretty sharp. But after five years of use, the chairs are beginning to look more like flea market finds, and who is going to enjoy their coq au vin on a second-hand chair? Now's the time to thoroughly clean; possibly restain or paint, and reupholster your chairs. Since cooking is your thing, you will probably assistance from an interior designer to decide what to do with the wood and which fabric to use on your chair seats.

2. Your interior has lost its "shine." If you take a critical eye to the interiors of your restaurant, you will probably notice, if your restaurant is several years old, that the paint has faded and collected dust; the lighting is oh, so dated, and your silverware and place settings never look as sparkly as you wish they would. When you decide that you need a professional designer, you can use this moment to refine each of these elements into a cohesive look that will boost your brand recognition.

3. Your online reviews are dropping. Customers are writing things like,"Although the food was fantastic, the surroundings were so dismal we have stopped eating here." This kind of review is, as they say, a bummer. You could be losing customers solely because your place looks bad. You need help, not in the area of cuisine, but in the realm of interior design.

4. Potential customers are going past your restaurant and straight to your main competitor further up the street. Your best patrons, who came to dine on a regular basis, are no longer supping at your eatery. You must immediately pull out your cell phone and get the inside of your restaurant not just improved, but resurrected. And your only hope is to acquire the aid of an interior design firm that knows what it's doing.

In Australia, that company is Lindsay Wilson's Concepts. We have experience in creating spaces that appeal to and attract customers. While you are waiting for an appointment time, you can see what we're talking about by acquiring LindsayWilson's Concepts New Hospitality Interior Book, which is full of ideas, furniture pieces, and inspiration.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to Choose the Best Professional Property Staging Team and Make your Property Sell Fast

You've spent time and money on the property you want to sell, and now you are ready to put it on the market. Staging is a very important part of selling your property because this is an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression and highlight the many great features of your space. Lack of staging can mean getting a lesser return, prolong time spent on the market, and ultimately, leave the seller feeling at a loss. 

Why use Professional Property Staging?

According to this article:

"Staging can also have a positive effect on home value. Thirty-one percent of buyers’ agents and 29 percent of sellers’ agents believe it adds anywhere from 1 to 5 percent, while 13 percent of buyers’ agents believe 6 to 10 percent and 21 percent of sellers’ agents believe 8 to 10 percent."
-RIS Media
These statistics show that the benefits of hiring a professional staging team are effective. Even small changes like removing wallpaper, de-cluttering your home and good window treatments can make a big difference.

Why use Lindsay Wilson Concepts?

We care about our clients, which is why Lindsay Wilson Concepts uses highly skilled, top of the line professionals and their knowledge of current trends, to stage/style your space while helping you get the highest return. We are passionate about providing you hassle-free, and convenient services so you can focus on another day-to-day task. Our warehouse holds large stocks of inventory, making accessibility to materials and expedited service easily obtainable. Emphasizing key features of the property by choosing the correct wall colors, furniture arrangements, use of natural and electrical lighting, and fresh, decorative arrangements is an important focus for our team.

Click here to schedule your consultation!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Multi Properties Needing Furnishing Require the Assistance of Lindsay Wilson Concepts

Although some said otherwise, the dwelling values in Sydney and Melbourne did not decrease this year but, instead, in Sydney rose more than 15 percent and in Melbourne over 13 percent. Adelaide is showing the largest home-market growth among mainland capital cities, according to CoreLogic RP Data research. Canberra, says the Financial Review, is full of potential, and Adelaide is holding its own and rentals remain steady.

No matter the price of the home, whether it is a private property or a rental, or is in a district with house values that fluctuate, the empty home or apartment must stimulate clients' imaginations and draw them into the dwelling as they consider buying or renting the property.
It is puzzling that some property developers still seem unaware that a space with exquisitely designed interiors will sell or rent more quickly. In other words, the developers can turn over their investment in less time. 

The type of design of which we speak entails furnishing the home, rental, or specified rooms with furniture, accessories, artwork, and textiles so the potential resident can form an opinion about the property based on seeing the spaces with furniture and accouterments. The decorating allows clients to experience the property as if they were looking at their own homes.

Some home staging firms do not have access to the myriad furniture pieces, textiles, and other accessories needed to create a cozy, uplifting home. This is not true if your company chooses Lindsay Wilson Concepts. Our team has large stocks of all items needed, warehoused at a close location. We rely on a global supply chain to find and collect uncommon, one-of-a-kind, and standard elements to use when we are preparing a property for visitors.

Our friendly, experienced team looks forward to working with clients who know that a beautiful, well-appointed property sells!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Inspiring Club Interior Designs to Attract and Retain Your Patrons

Beautiful clubs and living spaces often make the difference between a thriving club and one that is going out of business. The space layout, interior design, decoration and amenities are crucial to creating a welcoming environment that is enjoyed by all. While the exterior can be designed to last, the interior is where patrons will spend the most time and will remember the most. That may be why club owners, designers and architects all around Australia are choosing Lindsay Wilson Concepts to design professional interiors.

Professionals like those from Lindsay Wilson Concepts have years of experience developing interiors for a multitude of different clientele. They have built clubs for large and small spaces, luxury and standard spaces as well. They use their expertise to fit the exact demands of the interior.

Clean, well-regarded, inviting, comfortable spaces keep patrons coming back over and over again. Each time they arrive, they spend money on parking or food or drinks or other amenities. That means that even if you operate on a fixed membership fee arrangement, getting patrons back in the club as often as possible helps to improve the profitability of the club.

Professionals create these comfortable settings through many different methods. One way is to create clean sight lines to beautiful coasts, vistas, lakes, forests, pools or other points in nature. Another way is too include comfortable leather seating that keeps patrons sitting comfortably for hours. Designers also include individual and highly unique design concepts for each space that make them feel original.

Whatever the space, getting a professional like those from Lindsay Wilson Concepts will prove invaluable to your end goals.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

One Simple Technique for Maintaining the Appearance of Your Hotel - Hire a Pro

When it comes to choosing a hotel, we are all aware of the importance of first impressions. If the hotel looks dirty, outdated, or otherwise undesirable, the demand to stay there drops dramatically. When staying away from home, people want to feel like they are at home, in a welcoming, stylish, and clean space. This is why guests are willing to stay longer, and pay more for their stay, when the look of the hotel represents its dedication to hospitality. 

The facade of your hotel speaks volumes as to what guests should expect their stay to be like. If the siding is outdated, the sign is crooked, and the landscaping is overgrown, guests will think that the same insufficient care will be given to them. However, if the paint is fresh and in a welcoming color, all signage is clear, concise, and professional, and there are added touches to make it feel more homey, the guests will know that your hotel is dedicated to treating them with the same consideration.
As important as first impressions are, however, the feel of the hotel must be maintained throughout the lobby, guest rooms, and amenity areas. Attention to detail throughout the entire building shows that you mean business when it comes to your accommodations. From furnishings, to art, to important details like fresh flowers, every aspect needs to speak to the style, feel, and quality of your hotel.

While all of this at once can feel overwhelming, Lindsay Wilson Concepts steps in to take the reigns and make the process easy. With a combined team experience of over 126+ years, we know what it takes to send the message you want your hotel to send to your guests. We create cohesive, stylish, and individualized interiors and exteriors, and would love to help you increase your hotel's demand with a makeover. 

For more information on our hotel services, please check out our website, or our hospitality catalogue.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Interesting Ideas to Design a Loft According to your Personality

A loft brings in a lot of natural light along with a high ceiling and abundant exposed structures like beams and pipes. Artful interior decorations not only enhance the beauty of a loft but also reflect the personality of the owner. The inner world, emotions, spiritual values of a person is reflected in the interior designs of the loft. His design, the pieces of furniture and art he chooses also unleashes his creativity and reflects his lifestyle. Loft interior decorations suggest everything extraordinary, unusually shaped and non-standard and any interesting ideas so if you don’t want to invest much you can always go for loft furniture hire in Melbourne.

Make it look spacious
The significant features of loft interiors are pipes, outdoor wiring, open shelves and racks, minimum furniture and maximum space. Cover the walls and the ceilings with white paint to make the room look spacious and well lit. Create partitions with furniture and art pieces to create separate sections.

Utilize the space
You can leave the brick exposed wall or concrete wall just as it is as the natural appearance looks appealing. You can use natural oak and raw concrete to enhance the retro-rustic feel.  A loft usually doesn’t have separate rooms but functional sections that act as living space, dining space, bedroom, study, etc. Loft design is very eclectic and requires lots of attention on detail design, because space is the main concern in small spaces like lofts.

Select furniture wisely
The golden rule to make the loft look spacious is not to over-furnish it. You can opt for loft furniture hire in Melbourne to find the perfect pieces like the essential sofa, bed or any multi-purpose furniture piece that has smart features. Decorate with a big piece of art to make a personal statement, add dimmer switches to boost variability, and find good storage options such as a storage loft bed and multi purpose bookshelves.

If you convert the unused loft space it not only provides much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room, home office or bedroom and bathroom, but it can also provide financial rewards if you ever decide to sell your property. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Is It Time To Replace Your Restaurant Interior? Here's how to tell!

The ambiance of your restaurant is important. Interior design affects customer satisfaction. One of the best ways to make sure that your decor is up to par is by making sure that your interior provides an inviting atmosphere for your customers. Check for these four things to know when it is time to replace your restaurant interior:

1. Suddenly your furniture is harder to keep clean.
Furniture does not last indefinitely, and wear and tear from over the years can add up suddenly. If those stains in the booths are becoming more resistant, or it seems like you have to dust every day, it might be time to consider upgrading your interior. 

2. Your interior is losing its 'shine.'
We all have had the experience: We go into a new restaurant, and it seems like everything is sparkling and new. However, whenever things become dull or seem worn out, it might be time to look into finding new furniture. There is a solution to this! Look at some examples of "shining" interior that you can have in Lindsay Wilson Concepts' New Hospitality Interior Book

3. Your online reviews are dropping.
Keep in mind that online reviews reflect the entire experience of dining. Customers are reviewing not only the food, but also the interior. Even if the atmosphere is not mentioned, do not rule it out as a contributing factor to dropping online reviews. Brightening up your interior can lead to higher reviews! 

4. Potential customers are going to your opposition further up the street
First impressions are powerful. If you have interior that needs replacing, potential customers will notice and they might pass on dining at your restaurant. If your interior is inviting, it suggests that you care about the entire experience for the customer. That's what will make customers choose your restaurant! 

Lindsay Wilson Concepts is here to help you achieve interior that will take your restaurant to the next level. Years of experience and tremendous talent will help you replace your interior and bring customers to your door! 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Four C's Of How Professional Staging Sells Property

If you are interested in potential home buyers recognizing the potential of your house, a professional property staging team will bring out the wow-factors to sell your home faster. That is the strategy behind model homes. Successful builders call in the professionals to present their construction projects in diva style. Stylish interior design helps potential buyers imagine how their future lifestyle might play-out in a home. All a seller needs to know about professional staging are the four C's:

Capture: 90% of homebuyers begin their journey online. Professional staging captures the attention of browsers as they take a virtual tour. Rather than see empty rooms, cluttered countertops or mismatched furniture, prospective buyers see their dream home. 

Competition: How many homes in your area are for sale? Hundreds? Thousands? How many of those are listed in the same price range as your home? A professional home stager provides the edge a seller needs to rise above the competition.

Cash: Perhaps all the inspiration a seller needs to pick up the phone and call in a professional stager is knowing how much their investment will pay-off. Realty experts report that each $100 investment in staging can pay a 400% return

Clock: The clock is ticking, right? The sooner a seller seals the deal the quicker everyone can get on with their lives. 95% of staged homes sell in less than 11 days. That's a turn-around that, on average, is about 87% faster than homes that don't invest in staging.
If you are ready to get the highest possible sale price sooner, contact a professional stager experienced in all properties, large or small, apartment or estate home.

Friday, 2 June 2017

How to Choose the Best Professional Property Staging Team to Make Your Property Sell

When it comes to professional staging, a great company can make the difference between a sell or a pass. It takes a company who knows how to fit the style, size, location, and feel of your space to really make buyers see the potential in your property. They should also understand the exact science behind the psychology of spaces, which is important in leading a client to be drawn to your property.

Before you choose a staging team, you should consider all angles of the process.

Does the company directly import their furniture, saving you money? Or do they shop at expensive designer stores, passing the costs on to you?

Do they understand the difference between all types and cultures of buildings, such as an urban apartment versus a federation style home, fitting your space with the best furnishings for your property specifically? Or do they follow a pre-made formula, creating cookie-cutter homes and using the wrong decor for the type of space it is?

Do they realize the importance of a full experience, using candles and flowers to bring in fresh scents and homey touches? Or do they do the bare minimum to make their dollar and move on?

Lindsay Wilson Concepts not only understands the importance of all of these things and more, we also apply them perfectly. We are direct importers for our own warehouse, which allows us to pass savings on to you! This also allows us to stock a wide variety of styles, so there is never a compromise on the image you're trying to show for your property. In addition, Lindsay Wilson Concepts loves creating a full experience, stimulating all the senses through fragrances, candles, flowers, and more, to help entice clients to your property.  This is important, because when a client feels at home in your property, they are more likely to pay a higher price and make a quicker move! 

Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to professional staging for your property. Contact us today for more information on our staging services. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Why You Need Professional Help in Your Club Interior Designs

One thing about the interior design of the club is that the goal is not just to attract patrons with the quality finishing and well-furnished rooms, but rather to create an atmosphere and environment that the patrons will remember long after they leave your club. By creating a pleasantly great environment, your patrons are likely to keep coming back and bringing more people along.

As a club, you should strive to create a climate that is clean, well designed, and interesting enough to make revelers feel a sense of joy and relaxation as they have a real-time. To achieve your design goal, assign the designing to professional for some reasons such as:

Effective Space Planning

A professional interior designer will know just the exact space required to design an individual room. By leasing out your design process to professionals, you get a chance to maximally make use of available space to design perfect structures or room in your club.

A Taste of Authenticity

Whether you have talent in design, you cannot compare authenticity of a professional interior designer and an untrained designer. By enlisting your design job to professionals, your establishments get a taste of authenticity that patrons will appreciate and love. Lindsay Wilson Concepts offers you unique products from other designers and will stand you out from other clubs hence patrons will likely come back.

You Get Complete Packages at Cost-Effective Rates

Interior design at your expense cannot compare to enlisting a professional company to handle it. Apart from knowing what to use, the company will advise on the best ways to use design materials at a cost-effective rate. Take for example Lindsay Wilson Concepts. By offering services countrywide in Australia, the company offers you a complete package of the whole interior design of your establishment up to the last part all at cost-effective rates.

For apartment interior designs in Sydney contact Lindsay Wilson Concepts: 

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Challenges Faced by Facility Managers and Their Solutions

In Australia today, organization facility managers face a broad range of difficulties during their daily tasks. Challenges vary from very simple to very complicated and arduous ones. It is without a doubt that facilities in an organization play a significant role in the success and growth of any business. As such, it is very imperative that they are at their top performance whenever required.

Both small and large businesses should devote sufficient energy and capital to ensure proper maintenance of facilities and readiness to complete business's operations. However, in achieving this, facility managers face numerous challenges. Here are some of the problems and possible solutions.


Facility managers have tons of tasks on their plate on a daily basis. There are emails to consult, budget meetings to attend, vendors to consult, employees with questions and raising issues requiring sorting out. With so much to do, time management becomes a major challenge.

However, technology plays a major part in simplifying time management for facility managers. Facility managers apply software to schedule each day's task and ensure capturing of every job. In determining the best software for you, it is imperative that you get the right information from professionals. In so doing, the facility manager increases their productivity by focusing on other aspects.

Limited Resources

It is common to find an organization in Australia that wants to make the best out of the limited resources available. The facility manager faces pressure from everyone in the organization to perform at high levels. With the few resources available, the manager has to find the most efficient way to perform.

It is a daunting task for any facility manager to perform on high standards. As such, it is crucial for facility managers to get consultations from professional on ways to effectively get the most out of the few resources in the organization. This consultation will allow exploitation of the available resources in some smart ways to improve service delivery in the organization.

Contact our experts for special events furniture hire Sydney and call 1300 542 039 for other assistance.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

3 Fabulous Reasons to Chose a Professional Property Staging Team for Your Property

When selling a property many factors must be carefully considered. Of utmost importance is the potential buyer’s first impression. When your clients walk through the door of the property you have for sale, you want them to be impressed and dazzled. In order to make this happen, you need to create an atmosphere that will cause the buyer to instantly fall in love with your property. This can be only accomplished through the proper staging of your property. With the best professional Property Staging Sydney team, your property will sell faster. A professional property staging team helps:

Property Staging Expert
Create ambiance based on location

Every home has some type of ambiance. Some have a relaxed, casual ambiance. Other homes are more classy, formal, and prestigious. Still, others have an ambiance that can be best described by the terms homey, country, and outdoorsy. By creating an interior ambiance to match the home’s location and exterior, you better impress the potential buyer. For example, an apartment in the inner city would need a different look than a federation style home. The professional staging team can blend the proper elements together to make the best impression on your clients.

Delight the buyer through the senses

Everyone loves to see beautiful things. When your prospective buyers walk into the property they delight their eyes on the lovely spaces created by the staging team. Professional designers also use other things that entice the senses such as lovely fragrances. Delicious-smelling candles burning and sweet-smelling floral arrangements provide a delightful aroma that helps sell your property.

Gain the highest price in the shortest time

A professional Property Staging Melbourne team helps you get the most money for your property in the shortest amount of time. They have access to a huge stock of furniture and can quickly arrange your property. This means you get more buyers looking at your property right away resulting in a faster sale.

Lindsay Wilson Concepts

Connect with Lindsay Wilson Concepts to discover how we can help you make your property a dream.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Renting Furnishings From a Professional Apartment Interior Design Company Makes Life Simple

If you're a property manager or real estate agent who helps owners find tenants, the choice to offer furnishings along with your apartments is an easy one. A fully furnished apartment offers those new to cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney a fast way to settle in, instead of making those new residents find furniture stores and wait for delivery.

Easy Setup

Renting a furnished apartment takes care of the tiresome tasks of finding furniture and placing belongings in storage if the furniture has yet to arrive. There's no waiting if the dwelling is furnished, and all of the basics are ready for use. Your new tenants would be able to move in immediately, saving money on hotel costs.
It's important to find one rental company whose styles you like. If you use one company, that ensures the furniture styles stay consistent if you have to replace any pieces. Using one company also simplifies your bookkeeping as you have only that company's invoices to deal with.

Professional Quality

A professional apartment interior design company, such as Lindsay Wilson Concepts, ensures the furniture sets you rent are efficient, stylishly designed, and of superior quality. The company handles pickup and delivery, and there is help with placement as well. You have a choice of several sets, giving you the ability to create a certain look for your tenants.
Follow Lindsay Wilson Concept's blog for furniture style news, design ideas, and company updates. Lindsay Wilson Concepts can provide you with full and partial sets, and single pieces, and you can arrange for rental services no matter where you are in Australia. If you really want to make life simpler for new tenants, fashionable furniture and expert design from Lindsay Wilson Concepts is the right step to take.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Property Developers Find Solutions for Interior Design Challenges

Being a successful property developer involves many tasks. From buying, building, or renovating homes to finding buyers and everything in between, we know your days are full of busy work. While there are many challenges in the work of a property developer, one such challenge is that of securing an interior designer that fulfills the needs they have successfully. Here are 3 problems and solutions property developers have in finding a fantastic interior designer.

Problem 1: Need for Speed

Property designers sometimes need a property decorated in a short amount of time. They expect people to see the home and having the interior design complete is essential. With some designers, this becomes a problem because they often times have to gain access to the furniture and other layout pieces.

Solution 1: Lindsay Wilson Concepts specialises in a speedy delivery of fabulous interior design. With access to warehouses and inventory on hand, short notices are not a problem.

Problem 2: Need for Flexibility

A key ingredient to a strong relationship with an interior designer is flexibility. Life often changes in the real estate business and property developers need someone who can go with the flow. Sometimes the properties need adjustments or complete changes. An interior designer who can make whatever changes are needed is a great partner to the property developer.

Solution 2: Lindsay Wilson Concepts works with you in whatever capacity you need to see your property interior design through to your satisfaction. Flexible and open are key components of the company.

Problem 3: Need for Fashionable Interiors

No property developer wants to walk into his property and see outdated furniture or an unattractive setup. Furniture that looks old or out of style will not sell the property like stylish, attractive, up-to-date pieces will. It is so important to work with a designer who makes the property shine.

Solution 3: 

Lindsay Wilson has many years of experience and expertise in the area of interior design. Combining talent with the beautiful pieces of furniture in inventory makes for an outstanding interior design.
Contact us today for more information about our services!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Deliver Stunning Multi Dwelling Property With Professional Designers

Owning multi-housing units in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide is a great investment. Whether you rent serviced apartments or motel rooms, it can be a great way to produce a profit. However, making sure the units look elegant attracts renters. Time is valuable in this industry and the last thing you need is an extra project on your already full plate. With juggling the many responsibilities of a property developer, there probably isn’t much time left to make sure those serviced apartments or motels look stunning for future renters. That’s where Lindsay Wilson Concepts comes in. Lindsay Wilson Concepts offer fantastic interior decorating and much more. Here are 3 ways Lindsay Wilson Concepts will benefit your project.

Fabulous look
Using an experienced interior designer ensures the end result is fabulous. Designers have a special way of arranging articles of furniture in such a way as to make the place look its best. Whether you need a smaller unit to look larger or a wide-open space to appear cozy, at Lindsay Wilson, our combined 126 years of experience delivers stunning results.

Saves time
You have extra time when you outsource your decorating to a professional. Experienced designers get the job done right away with little wait time for furniture. With a large stock of furniture available and a global supply chain, your apartments and motels will be decorated in no time. Time is money and when you save time, you save money. It’s a winning situation. Free your time up to work on other property investment projects.

Friendly assistants
The staff at Lindsay Wilson works with you to complete your assignment in a timely and helpful manner. Consider us a partner in your endeavors in the multi-housing industry. We come along beside you to present your dwelling places in the best light possible. 
Contact Lindsay Wilson Concepts today for more information about our services!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Interior Planning: Challenges Faced By Facilities Managers

Creating a space plan can be daunting if you have little practice mentally visualising how the all the elements can come together. If you are successful, many hours can be a spent planning a design that functions well while also meeting Australian fitout standards. Do you have time for all this?

Once you have a good working floor plan, you have to decide then which products will best meet daily demands. Without a good working background in finishes, you can run into many pitfalls that can end up costing you big time. For instance, a chair covered with taffeta might look good, but that doesn’t mean the finish will be the best selection for the amount of wear the chair will receive. With the wrong selection, you will end up with a thread-worn seat that needs replacing long before you have the budget to replace it. Do you have the resources to figure all this out?

Here at Lindsay Wilson Concepts, we are prepared to save you time. Our designers have 126 years of combined experience in creating furnished interiors that are safe, healthy, compliant and beautiful. Our full line of globally sourced finishes and furnishings selected for their durability and beauty are available to you. When you take advantage of our design services, you can be sure that we will create an arrangement that includes the best piece for the right place. Not only will your environment function well, but the colors and textures will harmonise for an inviting appeal.

Are you ready to optimise your productivity? Let our designers help you plan the best fitout for your apartment complex, student housing facility, or hospitality setting. No matter where you are in Australia, Lindsay Wilson Concepts can provide you with the best finishes and furnishing for the job while saving you time.

Contact us. Let us help make your life easier!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Attention: All Property Developers We know your time is valuable!

Furnishing a property in general is a huge job, whether it be an apartment or mansion. The visual appeal of the interior and exterior of a home is important, especially to potential buyers. All of the pieces have to correlate perfectly to buyers to create this image of their dream home. When your property has the right style, it will sell faster with a higher price tag. Lindsay Wilson Concepts is ready to help your property sell with the ideal results.  

Short on time?

When you have to get a property ready in a short amount of time, finding that perfect piece to bring a room together can seem almost impossible. We will handle all your furnishing needs from planning stages, execution, to installation. Our style experts are ready to find exactly what you need to furnish or stage a property with the best possible results. 

Looking for an unparalleled setup?

Having a unique display sets your property apart from others on the market, giving you an advantage. A professional designer is precisely what you need to find the perfect set up for your property to the tiniest detail. Setting up furniture can get extremely time-consuming while trying to put everything into place. Our team will not only consult with you about the furnishing, but install everything inside and out. 

Want to efficiently buy or rent furnishings?

Purchasing an entire set of furnishings can lower the cost of a set up overall and lighten time constraints. Searching for individual furnishings and trying to put them together with decorations and functional pieces tends to get expensive. Hiring a professional achieves the same desired effect or better without utilizing mass amounts of money and time. Another cost efficient method of furnishing a home is to rent out pieces. Our company can supply rentals for as long as needed, whether it be a week or months.

We can help.

At Lindsay Wilson Concepts, our aim is to find quality specialised furniture to provide for sale or rent anywhere in Australia. Being a 3rd generation family run business, we have gained the experience and expertise to supply you with everything you're looking for.

Monday, 16 January 2017

How to Keep Your Guests Coming Back

Whether you run a hotel, motel, or serviced apartment, you have one goal: keep your guests coming back again and again. After all, a returning guest is a happy guest, and one who is sure to tell others about your property.
The professionals at Lindsay Wilson Concepts are here to help! No matter where you are in Australia, we can partner with you to provide your guests with a beautiful environment they'll return to year after year.

What can Lindsay Wilson Concepts offer you and your guests?

Well-Designed Environments

Today's guests want beautiful rooms decorated with a thoughtful touch.  Our professionals have a combined team experience of over 126 years in furniture design. We know how to make a space come alive with a just-right feel your guests will love the minute they walk in.
Up-To-Date Styles

Some hotels and serviced apartments don't keep up with current trends. Their worn, dated furnishings leave guests unimpressed and unlikely to return. Don't let this happen to your property!  The stylists at Lindsay Wilson Concepts know exactly what's on trend.  With our global supply chain, we can find one-of-a-kind pieces that will delight your guests and tie rooms together with the perfect accessories.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether your property is a modern high-rise or a historic brownstone, guests want furnishings that highlight the building's style. Lindsay Wilson Concepts has furnished units of all sizes and styles, and our professionals know exactly how to match furnishings with architecture. Our large furniture warehouse means we can quickly locate the perfect pieces for your space. 
If you need furnishings for your hotel, motel, or serviced apartment anywhere in Australia, contact Lindsay Wilson Concepts today.  We've got what you need to keep your guests coming back.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Colour Trends 2017: Meeting Style Needs

2017 will change the way clientele look at interiors according to extensive research collected by Dulux Australia’s trend forecasting professionals. As reported in their annual colour forecast magazine - Antidote: A Colour Cure - Dulux tells us that the rush of our modern lifestyle is starting to catch up to us. (Did we in the business not know this?) According to Dulux, the new year will find more people looking to slow things down, combat the mundane, connect with the world around them, and draw inspiration from the “less is more" motto, reflecting back to the mid-century modern Bauhaus style.

As professional interior specifiers and distributors of finishes and furnishings to all post codes in the Australian market, Lindsay Wilson Concepts monitors these forecasts to ensure that our products and services are on-trend and of the highest quality to serve you and your clientele. Our goal is to provide you with more, even when everyone else thinks they want less.

Our finishes and furnishing are sourced globally and hand selected to meet all style needs. If you are a real estate agent or home builder planning to stage a house to present it as a home for potential buyers, contact us. With our 126 years of group knowledge, we can help you achieve the lifestyle look that will quickly attract buyers in your market.

If you are an interior designer or architect sourcing materials to furnish apartments or student housing, we can help you there, too. Our stylish products can be selected and group to address any mood you plan your space to reflect to optimize end-user approval.

Whether you need to rent or buy a single sofa, a suite of furnishings, or finishes and furnishings to outfit a whole building Lindsay Wilson Concepts is here for you with the best products and services the Australian market has to offer.

Contact us. Let us help make your life easier!