Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Four C's Of How Professional Staging Sells Property

If you are interested in potential home buyers recognizing the potential of your house, a professional property staging team will bring out the wow-factors to sell your home faster. That is the strategy behind model homes. Successful builders call in the professionals to present their construction projects in diva style. Stylish interior design helps potential buyers imagine how their future lifestyle might play-out in a home. All a seller needs to know about professional staging are the four C's:

Capture: 90% of homebuyers begin their journey online. Professional staging captures the attention of browsers as they take a virtual tour. Rather than see empty rooms, cluttered countertops or mismatched furniture, prospective buyers see their dream home. 

Competition: How many homes in your area are for sale? Hundreds? Thousands? How many of those are listed in the same price range as your home? A professional home stager provides the edge a seller needs to rise above the competition.

Cash: Perhaps all the inspiration a seller needs to pick up the phone and call in a professional stager is knowing how much their investment will pay-off. Realty experts report that each $100 investment in staging can pay a 400% return

Clock: The clock is ticking, right? The sooner a seller seals the deal the quicker everyone can get on with their lives. 95% of staged homes sell in less than 11 days. That's a turn-around that, on average, is about 87% faster than homes that don't invest in staging.
If you are ready to get the highest possible sale price sooner, contact a professional stager experienced in all properties, large or small, apartment or estate home.

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