Monday, 17 October 2016

Are You a Struggling Student Needing More Space? Five Comfort and Space-saving Ideas on a Student Budget

Are you a struggling student needing more space? Take this simple test and find out. Can you identify the following piece of furniture? It serves as your study area, clothes hamper, dining table and then late at night, you clean off a space and go to sleep? If your answer was a bed, then you might need a little more space!
For students living in Sydney, Wollongong, Bathurst, Armidale, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Melbourne and other university towns across Australia, tiny spaces, one bedroom apartments and small budgets often mean a less than ideal environment for studies. However, with a few organizational additions and help from the professionals at Lindsay Wilson Concepts, you do not have to continue living in cramped discomfort.

Here are five simple, comfort enhancing and space-saving ideas you can implement today, even on a student budget.
1. Go for the Rack: Whether you are a guy or a girl, you probably have more shoes than you have space for in your college living area. Buy a shoe rack (or two) and stack your shoes neatly in the closet and get them out of your way. BONUS: Purchase one shoe rack for the floor and one to hang on the door. The one on the floor can probably handle the shoes and the one on the door can be utilized for hanging up belts or t-shirts or even jewelry.
2. Double-up: Purchasing double hangars is a great space-saving plan. Double hangars allow you to maximize the vertical space in your closet, hanging up two articles of clothing in the space of one!
3. Purchase some compact, yet comfortable furniture. Lindsay Wilson Concepts offers chairs and other furnishings that are functional and fun, comfortable and compact. They can also help you plan space maximizing comfort.
4. Fold, fold, fold: Buy a folding laundry hamper; it's there when you need it and not when you don't!
5. Go higher! Under bed storage can be a treasure or a trap. Don't just stuff your stuff under there -- organize! Purchase some lifts or risers for your bed and a few plastic or fabric bins and use the space to store your seasonal clothes and shoes, or other household items that you don't use every day.

Lindsay Wilson Concepts believe students need a creative, diverse, rich and supportive environment to excel at their studies. We are committed to providing this environment and being the leaders in student accommodation furniture, furnishings and fitout in Australia.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Dealing With Exams- Find Your Happy Place

Exam season is the most taxing time for any student. Hours of studying and sleepless nights quickly build up and can become unhealthy. In order to cope with exam stress, students need a relaxing and calming environment to wind down and recentre themselves.

In New South Wales and Australia, exams loom just around the corner and the need for relaxing places for students grows ever stronger. In order to cope with the anxiety that comes with exams, students need a "happy place". Lindsay Wilson Concepts is committed to working with students to accommodate the students' needs and provide an appropriate environment. 

To excel at their studies and meet their basic needs, it is imperative for students to be well-rested. A comfortable bed will ensure a good night's rest and a fresh mind in the morning. Students also need an area to focus on their studying and so a desk with plenty of storage room would be needed. For relaxation, a comfortable armchair or sofa will give students a great place to rest physically and mentally. Students need enough power stations for their technology, plenty of storage places for their books and belongings, and enough space to add their own touches to their comfort area. Even after all of the exams have been taken, students can have a soothing place of their own to sit back and relax from all of their hard work. 

Lindsay Wilson Concepts understands how important it is for students to have a safe and secure place to unwind and de-stress. We look forward to providing furnishings and furniture to accommodate the students of Australia.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Accommodation Facilities That Support Students to Excel

To excel at school or university, a student’s physical needs are important. 
This includes their physical environment. 
“The environment must be safe, suitable and provide a rich and diverse range of 
experiences promoting learning and development.” 
Some ways a student’s basic physical environment can be enhanced:
· A comfortable mattress and bed for a good night’s rest.
· A spacious desk including drawers and a comfortable chair to assist with studying.
· Sufficient power points for the 21st century student.
· A comfortable sofa or arm chair to relax in.
· Sufficient space to keep personal belongings.
· Sufficient space to add their own special touches.
The people at Lindsay Wilson Concepts understand these physical environment needs a 
student has and are committed to being the leaders in student accommodation furniture, furnishings and fitout in Australia.
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Students deserve better than this!