Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Is It Time To Replace Your Restaurant Interior? Here's how to tell!

The ambiance of your restaurant is important. Interior design affects customer satisfaction. One of the best ways to make sure that your decor is up to par is by making sure that your interior provides an inviting atmosphere for your customers. Check for these four things to know when it is time to replace your restaurant interior:

1. Suddenly your furniture is harder to keep clean.
Furniture does not last indefinitely, and wear and tear from over the years can add up suddenly. If those stains in the booths are becoming more resistant, or it seems like you have to dust every day, it might be time to consider upgrading your interior. 

2. Your interior is losing its 'shine.'
We all have had the experience: We go into a new restaurant, and it seems like everything is sparkling and new. However, whenever things become dull or seem worn out, it might be time to look into finding new furniture. There is a solution to this! Look at some examples of "shining" interior that you can have in Lindsay Wilson Concepts' New Hospitality Interior Book

3. Your online reviews are dropping.
Keep in mind that online reviews reflect the entire experience of dining. Customers are reviewing not only the food, but also the interior. Even if the atmosphere is not mentioned, do not rule it out as a contributing factor to dropping online reviews. Brightening up your interior can lead to higher reviews! 

4. Potential customers are going to your opposition further up the street
First impressions are powerful. If you have interior that needs replacing, potential customers will notice and they might pass on dining at your restaurant. If your interior is inviting, it suggests that you care about the entire experience for the customer. That's what will make customers choose your restaurant! 

Lindsay Wilson Concepts is here to help you achieve interior that will take your restaurant to the next level. Years of experience and tremendous talent will help you replace your interior and bring customers to your door! 

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