Thursday, 2 February 2017

Attention: All Property Developers We know your time is valuable!

Furnishing a property in general is a huge job, whether it be an apartment or mansion. The visual appeal of the interior and exterior of a home is important, especially to potential buyers. All of the pieces have to correlate perfectly to buyers to create this image of their dream home. When your property has the right style, it will sell faster with a higher price tag. Lindsay Wilson Concepts is ready to help your property sell with the ideal results.  

Short on time?

When you have to get a property ready in a short amount of time, finding that perfect piece to bring a room together can seem almost impossible. We will handle all your furnishing needs from planning stages, execution, to installation. Our style experts are ready to find exactly what you need to furnish or stage a property with the best possible results. 

Looking for an unparalleled setup?

Having a unique display sets your property apart from others on the market, giving you an advantage. A professional designer is precisely what you need to find the perfect set up for your property to the tiniest detail. Setting up furniture can get extremely time-consuming while trying to put everything into place. Our team will not only consult with you about the furnishing, but install everything inside and out. 

Want to efficiently buy or rent furnishings?

Purchasing an entire set of furnishings can lower the cost of a set up overall and lighten time constraints. Searching for individual furnishings and trying to put them together with decorations and functional pieces tends to get expensive. Hiring a professional achieves the same desired effect or better without utilizing mass amounts of money and time. Another cost efficient method of furnishing a home is to rent out pieces. Our company can supply rentals for as long as needed, whether it be a week or months.

We can help.

At Lindsay Wilson Concepts, our aim is to find quality specialised furniture to provide for sale or rent anywhere in Australia. Being a 3rd generation family run business, we have gained the experience and expertise to supply you with everything you're looking for.

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