Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Interior Planning: Challenges Faced By Facilities Managers

Creating a space plan can be daunting if you have little practice mentally visualising how the all the elements can come together. If you are successful, many hours can be a spent planning a design that functions well while also meeting Australian fitout standards. Do you have time for all this?

Once you have a good working floor plan, you have to decide then which products will best meet daily demands. Without a good working background in finishes, you can run into many pitfalls that can end up costing you big time. For instance, a chair covered with taffeta might look good, but that doesn’t mean the finish will be the best selection for the amount of wear the chair will receive. With the wrong selection, you will end up with a thread-worn seat that needs replacing long before you have the budget to replace it. Do you have the resources to figure all this out?

Here at Lindsay Wilson Concepts, we are prepared to save you time. Our designers have 126 years of combined experience in creating furnished interiors that are safe, healthy, compliant and beautiful. Our full line of globally sourced finishes and furnishings selected for their durability and beauty are available to you. When you take advantage of our design services, you can be sure that we will create an arrangement that includes the best piece for the right place. Not only will your environment function well, but the colors and textures will harmonise for an inviting appeal.

Are you ready to optimise your productivity? Let our designers help you plan the best fitout for your apartment complex, student housing facility, or hospitality setting. No matter where you are in Australia, Lindsay Wilson Concepts can provide you with the best finishes and furnishing for the job while saving you time.

Contact us. Let us help make your life easier!

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