Tuesday, 6 March 2018

What is the Importance of Furniture Placement in Your Home?

Furniture placement is an essential part of interior designing. It enhances the overall functionality and look of your space. When you arrange furniture, one tends to highlight the beautiful pieces in the space. Do you want to give your home a complete makeover? But, you often travel out of the city are not interested in purchasing furniture. Worry not stylish furniture hire in Brisbane helps you every manner by changing your room looks. 

Placement of furniture depends on accessories and colour scheme you choose. Arranging furniture correctly in a room can be a difference between unhappy spaces to having an open room. 

Guidelines for Placing Furniture Properly

Styling and furnishing homes in a way appeals target market. You need to follow some guidelines for proper placement of furniture. They are:

Determining Usage- The first step is to assess flow and purpose of the room. You need to outline of how you intend to use your room. Ensure the room is spacious for making changes. One needs to arrange the place as per its functionality, i.e. for what purpose you want the room.

Focussing on focal point- Whether it is the bathroom, fireplace or any room each area has its central point. First, try to find out the focal and arrange your furnishing accordingly. This style will attract customer eyes the most. Any furnishing kept of focal point highlights a room best part and feature.
Balance and scale- Measure your furniture size appropriately so, that it fits and looks good when displayed in the room. For example, you need to view whether a small coffee table looks good or can large couches when selecting furniture. Use big and small furnishing appropriately for enhancing room appearance. Balance is the key when it comes to arranging furniture in a room. 

Change your outlook- Place furnishing that is visually more appealing to the eyes. Adjust furniture according to heights for instance, say placing it tall and slim ways. Using furniture makes the room look more balanced and fuller.

The way you arrange furniture affects room looks. Poor placement of furnishing interrupts traffic making it difficult to move around the room. Stylish Furniture Hire in Brisbane provides good an option for placing furniture. It makes the room look more beautiful, balanced and cozy. 

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Monday, 5 March 2018

6 Tips to Plan a Special Event Successfully

As we turned over a fresh page with the advent of the New Year, the event management industry flourished with celebrations, fiestas, parties and get-togethers being organised in every nook and cranny. The primary qualm with event organisers and event attendees is the lack of proper planning and timely execution. And it is not just about the Christmas-New Year season, throughout the year, folks planning special events for any reason, be it wedding receptions, birthdays or even a cozy baby shower, then it is imperative that a few factors and critical ingredients for the special event are taken care of, in advance.

•    Seating arrangement

First things first, event planners and organisers need to get a proper understand of the furniture arrangement of the event. They have to decide on whether the event sees everyone socialising on their feet for the most part and seating occasionally, or do folks spend their stay seating in a close-knit huddle. Be that as it may, the furniture arrangement for such special events needs pre-planning, for both cost-effectivity and convenience’s sake.

•    Venue floor plan

Event planners seldom put in significant amount of thought in finalising the floor plan, which makes it a cluttered and illogical event that smacks of lack of foresight. The music station, the food station, the seating area, everything needs to be set apart distinctly and needs to be a possible distance away from each other. This way folks with food on their agenda can be distinguished from those who are looking to shake their feet to the music instead!

•    Feature pieces

Depending on whether it is an outdoor or an indoor party, organisers are advised to speak with caterers who provide special furniture like lounge sofas or swinging garden lounges. The best part about hiring special events furniture is that they are temporary. Event organisers need not always possess the set pieces, such as a lounge sofa, that livens up the party or a swing near the beverages section, which makes the conversation more animated; they can always hire furniture for special events.
It is not just about seating arrangements. Other furniture like false partitions, coffee tables, etc. are also required. Some special events hire furniture like privacy lounges these days, to add value to the privacy of the guest. Tables are needed to cater food and beverages to the guests. Depending on whether it’s a seating arrangement or a buffet, special events furniture hire in Sydney can be carried out.  

•    Lighting

What event organisers and planners do not know about lighting is that the latter can transform the ambience of the special event with a single flick of a switch! Depending on the presence of light, or the lack thereof, or even the colour of the light, the event can turn into an enchanting, photograph-worthy experience. Colours help associate emotion and sentiments with palpable objects. With the right kind of lighting, a special event can be a hit, or a miss otherwise.

•    Ornamentation

Ornamentation of the special event is key, especially if it’s a themed event. Event planners often feel that pricier the showpieces, the more distinguished and classy is the party. But this is a stop-gap at best. The ornamentation at an event must be of utility beyond beautification. It needs to connect with the guest. Say, for example, a glass or ice showpiece.

If you are looking for special events furniture hire in Sydney, Lindsay Wilson Concepts offers the same at a reasonable price.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A New Restaurant Interior Is an Investment

Restaurant owners who aren't sure whether or not they should replace their restaurant interiors should know that if they do, they will be making an important investment. Some of the most successful restaurants will update their interiors relatively frequently. They're aware of the impact that a new restaurant interior will make.

The fact that a heavily used restaurant interior will start to look dirty is already reason enough to get it updated. A dirty restaurant feels unsafe to a lot of customers, and they specifically go to restaurants in order to relax. 

When customers go online to talk about a restaurant, there are certain negative complaints that will come up particularly frequently. They might talk about not liking the food or they might mention that they didn't like the service.

However, they will often say something about the restaurant looking dirty. Dirty restaurants will attract a lot of negative reviews and complaints even if everything else about the restaurant is favorable. Staff members might stay late in order to thoroughly clean an older restaurant interior, and they still won't be able to make it look new. 

A new restaurant interior is also a great investment because of the competition that exists in the restaurant business. There are usually several competing restaurants in town. People often can't decide which one is better, and it's the little things that will ultimately determine where they eat.

If the other restaurants in town have newer interiors, they will often attract more customers right away. Restaurant owners never know when a new restaurant with a shiny interior is going to open up down the street.

You more or less need to be thinking of your competition at all times, and a newer restaurant interior can help. Working with Lindsay Wilson Concepts can help restaurant owners who are interested in making more successful investments. Books like this can help restaurant owners get started, while giving them more of a perspective on these issues. 
Customers absolutely do care about the way a restaurant looks. Restaurant owners who also strongly pay attention to how a restaurant looks will be much more likely to run a successful business. 

Lindsay Wilson Concepts will work with restaurant owners who are interested in making efficient business decisions that will help them in the short-term and the long-term.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

3 Space Saving Hacks for Your Small Apartment

It is a challenge to decorate small spaces but you have to remember that less is more when you are decorating small spaces. A space that feels generic and cold is no fun to live in. No matter how small the space is you can always make the most of a tiny apartment by smartly using the space, organizing everything perfectly and using multi-purpose furniture.

When there is little space for anything extra, it becomes a challenge to reduce clutter and create the perfect balance between minimal and chic. You need to keep in mind that when there is a shortage of space, each square foot of space is critical. Try to place every furniture piece in the right place so that it does not overwhelm the entire design and make your home look overcrowded.

Here are some great space-saving tips that don’t involve blasting into your walls or a million-dollar budget.

Create separate spaces with curtains

You can easily create separate space with curtains; it will not only create some privacy but also allow you to keep the room open when you need it. Or as an alternative, you can also opt for furniture hire in Sydney and use a bookcase to create that sleeping area, adding some storage along with the privacy.

Know how much furniture you can keep

Map out some typical small apartment layout ideas and then look at your furniture and figure out what you already own that won’t overwhelm your new space. There are high chances that you would have to ditch most of the furniture and opt for furniture hire in Sydney for pieces which are more suitable for a small apartment. Buy or rent furniture that serves a dual purpose to save space like a sofa that can be converted into a double bed, etc.

Arrange furniture strategically

Sometimes strategically rearranging the furniture can do a lot to change how the room looks. Stack furniture without wasting any space and think about arranging them vertically to reduce unused areas. You can mount the nightstand and hang shelves on the wall to make the room look bigger. 

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Solutions for Professional Apartment Interior Design

Showcasing your property is where you have an opportunity to stand out from your competition and attract clients. Whether your property is a high end multi-housing community/complex or a budget hostel, highlighting the attractive features of your place will draw attention. However, you first must be sure you have a professional interior design or the whole endeavor may not succeed. Why is the interior design so important and what can you do to ensure it is top quality?

People care about style

No matter how solid a structure is, people tend to look at styles, colour, and furnishings. It's simply human nature. We tend to gravitate toward that which attracts the eye. So, if a place is pleasantly designed using current trends, people will be more drawn to it.

People feel at home

Apartment Furniture Melbourne

When people walk into a furnished home, it has the potential to make them feel at home. This can be a powerful persuader – if the d├ęcor is up-to-date. However, a barren room feels lonely and doesn't evoke a sense of being home.

People want quality

When prospective clients come to your property to view the homes, high-quality furnishings gives the whole place an elegant look. This goes a long way in encouraging people that you have much to offer. But if you show a place that is poorly decorated, it reflects on the property as a whole.


What is the solution for property developers who want to draw people to their facilities and make the sale? Maybe for some properties, you don't need furnishing for the long term - just long enough to make the sale, while other units you need to have furnished for the duration of the tenant's stay.

With Lindsay Wilson Concepts, we provide high-quality furnishings, superior interior design options, and short or long-term contracts. Contact us for details about our services.

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Challenges Facing Facilities Managers and Solutions

Success as a Team

When facility managers face problems, people will often expect them to solve them independently. People who can seemingly solve any problem on their own are often celebrated.

However, it should be noted that these people have a lot of resources and time available to them. This is rarely the case for facility managers. They will accomplish so much more if they get assistance from Lindsay Wilson Concepts in Australia. 

People who seem to have succeeded independently usually were not truly working on their own. They often had help from other departments, even if it was indirect help.

They were also frequently in charge with a fairly specific set of tasks, and they were not limited by factors that are difficult to control, such as space design. None of this is the case for facility managers. If anyone needs the benefits of working with a team, it's them. 

Better Results

Lindsay Wilson Concepts will help facility managers with space planning in the first place, which already helps cover some of the toughest parts of the job. Finding fresh furnishings and furniture is often just as hard for facility managers, who have to cope with so many other tasks on the job.

When Lindsay Wilson Concepts uses their sources to get that out of the way for facility managers, the facility managers can devote more energy and effort to the rest of their work. Given the huge role that facility managers will play in their organisations, several departments might run more smoothly as a result. 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Understanding all the Complex Challenges Facing Facilities Managers

Multiple Tasks

Facility management is a difficult job as it is, given how many responsibilities it involves. Facility manager work will typically involve many different departments at once. Working with organizations like Lindsay Wilson Concepts can make all the difference for busy facility managers.

Facility managers will have to accomplish a lot very quickly as a matter of course. Working within a narrow time frame is bad enough for anyone in any field. However, some people are able to compensate for that if they have extensive resources. This is rarely the case for facility managers.

Even the space design that they have to work with will often hold them back. It's difficult for facility managers to accomplish every important task at the best of times. Facility managers who work with professionals from Lindsay Wilson Concepts in Australia will notice almost everything change for the better. 

Achieving More Goals

When they're working with professionals who specialize in interior spaces, facility managers will be able to devote more time to their other responsibilities. As such, the facility managers will be able to accomplish more when they're actually at work.

Professionals from Lindsay Wilson Concepts will be able to help them locate fittings, effects, and modern furniture more easily and efficiently. They have the connections to make it happen. Some facility managers will also struggle when it comes to space design in the first place, particularly if they're trying to handle everything alone.

Getting some help when it comes to interior space design can help them produce better results. Most people in the modern business world work as part of a team, and they will always achieve more if they approach the situation that way. This will be the case with the facility managers who work with professionals from Lindsay Wilson Concepts in Australia.