Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to Choose the Best Professional Property Staging Team and Make your Property Sell Fast

You've spent time and money on the property you want to sell, and now you are ready to put it on the market. Staging is a very important part of selling your property because this is an opportunity for you to make a lasting impression and highlight the many great features of your space. Lack of staging can mean getting a lesser return, prolong time spent on the market, and ultimately, leave the seller feeling at a loss. 

Why use Professional Property Staging?

According to this article:

"Staging can also have a positive effect on home value. Thirty-one percent of buyers’ agents and 29 percent of sellers’ agents believe it adds anywhere from 1 to 5 percent, while 13 percent of buyers’ agents believe 6 to 10 percent and 21 percent of sellers’ agents believe 8 to 10 percent."
-RIS Media
These statistics show that the benefits of hiring a professional staging team are effective. Even small changes like removing wallpaper, de-cluttering your home and good window treatments can make a big difference.

Why use Lindsay Wilson Concepts?

We care about our clients, which is why Lindsay Wilson Concepts uses highly skilled, top of the line professionals and their knowledge of current trends, to stage/style your space while helping you get the highest return. We are passionate about providing you hassle-free, and convenient services so you can focus on another day-to-day task. Our warehouse holds large stocks of inventory, making accessibility to materials and expedited service easily obtainable. Emphasizing key features of the property by choosing the correct wall colors, furniture arrangements, use of natural and electrical lighting, and fresh, decorative arrangements is an important focus for our team.

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