Thursday, 10 August 2017

One Simple Technique for Maintaining the Appearance of Your Hotel - Hire a Pro

When it comes to choosing a hotel, we are all aware of the importance of first impressions. If the hotel looks dirty, outdated, or otherwise undesirable, the demand to stay there drops dramatically. When staying away from home, people want to feel like they are at home, in a welcoming, stylish, and clean space. This is why guests are willing to stay longer, and pay more for their stay, when the look of the hotel represents its dedication to hospitality. 

The facade of your hotel speaks volumes as to what guests should expect their stay to be like. If the siding is outdated, the sign is crooked, and the landscaping is overgrown, guests will think that the same insufficient care will be given to them. However, if the paint is fresh and in a welcoming color, all signage is clear, concise, and professional, and there are added touches to make it feel more homey, the guests will know that your hotel is dedicated to treating them with the same consideration.
As important as first impressions are, however, the feel of the hotel must be maintained throughout the lobby, guest rooms, and amenity areas. Attention to detail throughout the entire building shows that you mean business when it comes to your accommodations. From furnishings, to art, to important details like fresh flowers, every aspect needs to speak to the style, feel, and quality of your hotel.

While all of this at once can feel overwhelming, Lindsay Wilson Concepts steps in to take the reigns and make the process easy. With a combined team experience of over 126+ years, we know what it takes to send the message you want your hotel to send to your guests. We create cohesive, stylish, and individualized interiors and exteriors, and would love to help you increase your hotel's demand with a makeover. 

For more information on our hotel services, please check out our website, or our hospitality catalogue.

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