Monday, 13 February 2017

Deliver Stunning Multi Dwelling Property With Professional Designers

Owning multi-housing units in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide is a great investment. Whether you rent serviced apartments or motel rooms, it can be a great way to produce a profit. However, making sure the units look elegant attracts renters. Time is valuable in this industry and the last thing you need is an extra project on your already full plate. With juggling the many responsibilities of a property developer, there probably isn’t much time left to make sure those serviced apartments or motels look stunning for future renters. That’s where Lindsay Wilson Concepts comes in. Lindsay Wilson Concepts offer fantastic interior decorating and much more. Here are 3 ways Lindsay Wilson Concepts will benefit your project.

Fabulous look
Using an experienced interior designer ensures the end result is fabulous. Designers have a special way of arranging articles of furniture in such a way as to make the place look its best. Whether you need a smaller unit to look larger or a wide-open space to appear cozy, at Lindsay Wilson, our combined 126 years of experience delivers stunning results.

Saves time
You have extra time when you outsource your decorating to a professional. Experienced designers get the job done right away with little wait time for furniture. With a large stock of furniture available and a global supply chain, your apartments and motels will be decorated in no time. Time is money and when you save time, you save money. It’s a winning situation. Free your time up to work on other property investment projects.

Friendly assistants
The staff at Lindsay Wilson works with you to complete your assignment in a timely and helpful manner. Consider us a partner in your endeavors in the multi-housing industry. We come along beside you to present your dwelling places in the best light possible. 
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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Interior Planning: Challenges Faced By Facilities Managers

Creating a space plan can be daunting if you have little practice mentally visualising how the all the elements can come together. If you are successful, many hours can be a spent planning a design that functions well while also meeting Australian fitout standards. Do you have time for all this?

Once you have a good working floor plan, you have to decide then which products will best meet daily demands. Without a good working background in finishes, you can run into many pitfalls that can end up costing you big time. For instance, a chair covered with taffeta might look good, but that doesn’t mean the finish will be the best selection for the amount of wear the chair will receive. With the wrong selection, you will end up with a thread-worn seat that needs replacing long before you have the budget to replace it. Do you have the resources to figure all this out?

Here at Lindsay Wilson Concepts, we are prepared to save you time. Our designers have 126 years of combined experience in creating furnished interiors that are safe, healthy, compliant and beautiful. Our full line of globally sourced finishes and furnishings selected for their durability and beauty are available to you. When you take advantage of our design services, you can be sure that we will create an arrangement that includes the best piece for the right place. Not only will your environment function well, but the colors and textures will harmonise for an inviting appeal.

Are you ready to optimise your productivity? Let our designers help you plan the best fitout for your apartment complex, student housing facility, or hospitality setting. No matter where you are in Australia, Lindsay Wilson Concepts can provide you with the best finishes and furnishing for the job while saving you time.

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Attention: All Property Developers We know your time is valuable!

Furnishing a property in general is a huge job, whether it be an apartment or mansion. The visual appeal of the interior and exterior of a home is important, especially to potential buyers. All of the pieces have to correlate perfectly to buyers to create this image of their dream home. When your property has the right style, it will sell faster with a higher price tag. Lindsay Wilson Concepts is ready to help your property sell with the ideal results.  

Short on time?

When you have to get a property ready in a short amount of time, finding that perfect piece to bring a room together can seem almost impossible. We will handle all your furnishing needs from planning stages, execution, to installation. Our style experts are ready to find exactly what you need to furnish or stage a property with the best possible results. 

Looking for an unparalleled setup?

Having a unique display sets your property apart from others on the market, giving you an advantage. A professional designer is precisely what you need to find the perfect set up for your property to the tiniest detail. Setting up furniture can get extremely time-consuming while trying to put everything into place. Our team will not only consult with you about the furnishing, but install everything inside and out. 

Want to efficiently buy or rent furnishings?

Purchasing an entire set of furnishings can lower the cost of a set up overall and lighten time constraints. Searching for individual furnishings and trying to put them together with decorations and functional pieces tends to get expensive. Hiring a professional achieves the same desired effect or better without utilizing mass amounts of money and time. Another cost efficient method of furnishing a home is to rent out pieces. Our company can supply rentals for as long as needed, whether it be a week or months.

We can help.

At Lindsay Wilson Concepts, our aim is to find quality specialised furniture to provide for sale or rent anywhere in Australia. Being a 3rd generation family run business, we have gained the experience and expertise to supply you with everything you're looking for.