Thursday, 27 July 2017

Interesting Ideas to Design a Loft According to your Personality

A loft brings in a lot of natural light along with a high ceiling and abundant exposed structures like beams and pipes. Artful interior decorations not only enhance the beauty of a loft but also reflect the personality of the owner. The inner world, emotions, spiritual values of a person is reflected in the interior designs of the loft. His design, the pieces of furniture and art he chooses also unleashes his creativity and reflects his lifestyle. Loft interior decorations suggest everything extraordinary, unusually shaped and non-standard and any interesting ideas so if you don’t want to invest much you can always go for loft furniture hire in Melbourne.

Make it look spacious
The significant features of loft interiors are pipes, outdoor wiring, open shelves and racks, minimum furniture and maximum space. Cover the walls and the ceilings with white paint to make the room look spacious and well lit. Create partitions with furniture and art pieces to create separate sections.

Utilize the space
You can leave the brick exposed wall or concrete wall just as it is as the natural appearance looks appealing. You can use natural oak and raw concrete to enhance the retro-rustic feel.  A loft usually doesn’t have separate rooms but functional sections that act as living space, dining space, bedroom, study, etc. Loft design is very eclectic and requires lots of attention on detail design, because space is the main concern in small spaces like lofts.

Select furniture wisely
The golden rule to make the loft look spacious is not to over-furnish it. You can opt for loft furniture hire in Melbourne to find the perfect pieces like the essential sofa, bed or any multi-purpose furniture piece that has smart features. Decorate with a big piece of art to make a personal statement, add dimmer switches to boost variability, and find good storage options such as a storage loft bed and multi purpose bookshelves.

If you convert the unused loft space it not only provides much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room, home office or bedroom and bathroom, but it can also provide financial rewards if you ever decide to sell your property. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Is It Time To Replace Your Restaurant Interior? Here's how to tell!

The ambiance of your restaurant is important. Interior design affects customer satisfaction. One of the best ways to make sure that your decor is up to par is by making sure that your interior provides an inviting atmosphere for your customers. Check for these four things to know when it is time to replace your restaurant interior:

1. Suddenly your furniture is harder to keep clean.
Furniture does not last indefinitely, and wear and tear from over the years can add up suddenly. If those stains in the booths are becoming more resistant, or it seems like you have to dust every day, it might be time to consider upgrading your interior. 

2. Your interior is losing its 'shine.'
We all have had the experience: We go into a new restaurant, and it seems like everything is sparkling and new. However, whenever things become dull or seem worn out, it might be time to look into finding new furniture. There is a solution to this! Look at some examples of "shining" interior that you can have in Lindsay Wilson Concepts' New Hospitality Interior Book

3. Your online reviews are dropping.
Keep in mind that online reviews reflect the entire experience of dining. Customers are reviewing not only the food, but also the interior. Even if the atmosphere is not mentioned, do not rule it out as a contributing factor to dropping online reviews. Brightening up your interior can lead to higher reviews! 

4. Potential customers are going to your opposition further up the street
First impressions are powerful. If you have interior that needs replacing, potential customers will notice and they might pass on dining at your restaurant. If your interior is inviting, it suggests that you care about the entire experience for the customer. That's what will make customers choose your restaurant! 

Lindsay Wilson Concepts is here to help you achieve interior that will take your restaurant to the next level. Years of experience and tremendous talent will help you replace your interior and bring customers to your door!