Monday, 5 March 2018

6 Tips to Plan a Special Event Successfully

As we turned over a fresh page with the advent of the New Year, the event management industry flourished with celebrations, fiestas, parties and get-togethers being organised in every nook and cranny. The primary qualm with event organisers and event attendees is the lack of proper planning and timely execution. And it is not just about the Christmas-New Year season, throughout the year, folks planning special events for any reason, be it wedding receptions, birthdays or even a cozy baby shower, then it is imperative that a few factors and critical ingredients for the special event are taken care of, in advance.

•    Seating arrangement

First things first, event planners and organisers need to get a proper understand of the furniture arrangement of the event. They have to decide on whether the event sees everyone socialising on their feet for the most part and seating occasionally, or do folks spend their stay seating in a close-knit huddle. Be that as it may, the furniture arrangement for such special events needs pre-planning, for both cost-effectivity and convenience’s sake.

•    Venue floor plan

Event planners seldom put in significant amount of thought in finalising the floor plan, which makes it a cluttered and illogical event that smacks of lack of foresight. The music station, the food station, the seating area, everything needs to be set apart distinctly and needs to be a possible distance away from each other. This way folks with food on their agenda can be distinguished from those who are looking to shake their feet to the music instead!

•    Feature pieces

Depending on whether it is an outdoor or an indoor party, organisers are advised to speak with caterers who provide special furniture like lounge sofas or swinging garden lounges. The best part about hiring special events furniture is that they are temporary. Event organisers need not always possess the set pieces, such as a lounge sofa, that livens up the party or a swing near the beverages section, which makes the conversation more animated; they can always hire furniture for special events.
It is not just about seating arrangements. Other furniture like false partitions, coffee tables, etc. are also required. Some special events hire furniture like privacy lounges these days, to add value to the privacy of the guest. Tables are needed to cater food and beverages to the guests. Depending on whether it’s a seating arrangement or a buffet, special events furniture hire in Sydney can be carried out.  

•    Lighting

What event organisers and planners do not know about lighting is that the latter can transform the ambience of the special event with a single flick of a switch! Depending on the presence of light, or the lack thereof, or even the colour of the light, the event can turn into an enchanting, photograph-worthy experience. Colours help associate emotion and sentiments with palpable objects. With the right kind of lighting, a special event can be a hit, or a miss otherwise.

•    Ornamentation

Ornamentation of the special event is key, especially if it’s a themed event. Event planners often feel that pricier the showpieces, the more distinguished and classy is the party. But this is a stop-gap at best. The ornamentation at an event must be of utility beyond beautification. It needs to connect with the guest. Say, for example, a glass or ice showpiece.

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