Tuesday, 27 February 2018

3 Space Saving Hacks for Your Small Apartment

It is a challenge to decorate small spaces but you have to remember that less is more when you are decorating small spaces. A space that feels generic and cold is no fun to live in. No matter how small the space is you can always make the most of a tiny apartment by smartly using the space, organizing everything perfectly and using multi-purpose furniture.

When there is little space for anything extra, it becomes a challenge to reduce clutter and create the perfect balance between minimal and chic. You need to keep in mind that when there is a shortage of space, each square foot of space is critical. Try to place every furniture piece in the right place so that it does not overwhelm the entire design and make your home look overcrowded.

Here are some great space-saving tips that don’t involve blasting into your walls or a million-dollar budget.

Create separate spaces with curtains

You can easily create separate space with curtains; it will not only create some privacy but also allow you to keep the room open when you need it. Or as an alternative, you can also opt for furniture hire in Sydney and use a bookcase to create that sleeping area, adding some storage along with the privacy.

Know how much furniture you can keep

Map out some typical small apartment layout ideas and then look at your furniture and figure out what you already own that won’t overwhelm your new space. There are high chances that you would have to ditch most of the furniture and opt for furniture hire in Sydney for pieces which are more suitable for a small apartment. Buy or rent furniture that serves a dual purpose to save space like a sofa that can be converted into a double bed, etc.

Arrange furniture strategically

Sometimes strategically rearranging the furniture can do a lot to change how the room looks. Stack furniture without wasting any space and think about arranging them vertically to reduce unused areas. You can mount the nightstand and hang shelves on the wall to make the room look bigger. 

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