Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Solve Five Dilemmas of Serviced Apartment Furnishing

If you're a property developer working in apartment construction or hotel chain management, you know the dilemmas that come with serviced apartment furnishing. Whether your property is in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, you've probably experienced many challenges, but you're not alone! The professionals at Lindsay Wilson Concepts are here to help you overcome any dilemma you face, including:

Challenge #1: Making your apartments stand out from the rest
First impressions of a property are so important, and you never get a second chance. Buyers, renters, and guests are looking for a property that's unique and memorable. The property styling experts at Lindsay Wilson Concepts know how to set your property above the rest. We will develop plans to showcase your property's unique strengths in a way that prospective tenants won't forget.  
Challenge #2: Achieving full occupancy 
The goal of any serviced apartment project is full occupancy with eager tenants. The right furnishings and property styling helps prospective tenants feel right at home. They can picture themselves living in your unique, stylish property. We'll make it easier to rent or sell your units quickly.
Challenge #3: Furnishing units on a tight timeline
If you are facing a tight timeline, you know how difficult it is to locate high-quality, stylish furnishings and accessories and have them in your units quickly.  Lindsay Wilson Concepts has a full warehouse of options available and in-stock. Meeting your deadline won't be a problem!
Challenge #4: Keeping up with the latest design trends
You want your property to reflect the latest design trends, but it's difficult to find the time to stay abreast of what is in style.  The professional design team at Lindsay Wilson Concepts has this covered for you. We know what's on trend and will work with you to develop the look your tenants want to see.
Challenge #5: Handling all the little details
When it comes to furnishing multiple units simultaneously, the small details can quickly become overwhelming. Let Lindsay Wilson Concepts handle these for you. We can provide packages down to the last peg if needed - even the kitchen sink! 
No matter what challenges you are facing when furnishing your apartments, we're here to help.  Contact us today to discuss your dilemmas and find out more about our solutions.

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