Friday, 11 November 2016

Eating Right at Uni: Ten Nutritious and Simple Student Recipes

Whether you're studying and living in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong or Bathurst, you're going to want a quick, healthy meal. We've put together some of our favorite recipes for students to make here, to give you a few ideas about what to make for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.
1. Potato and Bacon Pancakes

This recipe from a Melbourne food blog turns pancakes from sweet and syrupy into savory and fluffy by adding leftover mashed potato and bacon. 
2. Leek and Bean Soup with Cheesy Bread

A meat-free alternative, this tasty soup is fast to make, and uses beans and tomatoes from tins, saving on prep time. 
3. Easy Mince Ideas
This is not just one recipe, but six! Starting with the base recipe of Easy Mince, this one recipe turns into stuffed capsicum, curry, Mexican tacos and more with just a few extra ingredients.
4. Chorizo with Kale
An easy, five-ingredient recipe for sautéed sausage with bright greens. The recipe writer has even included lots of suggestions for vegetarian options or substitutions for other greens, making this a really versatile recipe. 
5. Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake
By starting with already-cooked chicken, this recipe cuts its baking time down for a fast, filling meal that makes multiple portions for extra visitors, or as tomorrow's dinner. 
6. Basil Pesto
Made with many ingredients found locally in the Brisbane area (although available across Australia), the only tools needed for this recipe is a food processor, grater and a sharp knife.  The finished result is tasty pesto, perfect for bread or pasta.
7. Chickpea and Rosemary Baked Frittata
Another easy, four ingredient recipe. Baked frittata with fragrant rosemary, filling chickpeas, and sharp Parmesan cheese is an easy lunch or dinner meal for any student.
8. Nachos with Mince
A recipe made specifically by a student at uni, this makes nachos healthier by adding carrots and tomatoes, while still getting the cheese and corn chips you want.  A perfect snack for a group of friends. 
9. Mushroom Pasta
This recipe from Sydney uses seven ingredients that are easy to come by, and affordable for uni students on a budget. Savory, earthy mushrooms are the star of this dish.
10. Lentil and Bean Curry
Another vegetarian option, this curry stays filling with lentils and adds more color and nutrition with green beans. 

An easy but nutritious meal might take a little planning, but with a little practice, any uni student on a budget can afford to eat well. If you made any one of these recipes and want to let us know, or to learn more about student accommodation furnishings, contact us at Lindsay Wilson Concepts.

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